Sunday, 9 October 2011

How to Keep Your Hard Drive Healthy

drive harddisk health

Hard drive is most important part of computer which stores most of our data files, records we input everyday. Its technology has improved since last decade. Hard disk space has increased many times with increase in demand and its not so costly for 500GB.

Yet its still fragile and needs to be handled with care. Its use for storing has increased from storing documents to  personal family pictures, videos, DVD movies, mp3 and other lot of stuff of personal interest. With hard disk comes its maintenance so that it may last longer.

For this many hard disk utilities are available on internet that can be used for different purpose and claim to keep your hard disk running faster, secure. Windows also comes with free hard disk maintenance utility like Error checking, Defragmentation, Backup, disk clean up. For error checking select any drive then right click → properties  → tools. There you will find three mentioned options. This is easy to operate, time consuming and worth using. Error checking option will check for system errors, scan disk and recover bad sectors.


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